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Chengdu start gen technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in science and technology innovation。

Was established2012Years1Month,Developing rapidly,Is the national high and new technology enterprise、National double soft certificationEnterprise,The national science and technology innovation fund for unit,High-tech zone ChuangYeJiang unit,Sichuan province key new product for the unit, etc。

The company set up with multiple products,In industrial measurement、In the field of motor control and optical fiber welding,Continue to challenge major technical problems,Optimization of process,Continuously provide customers with cost-effective products and solutions。

 The mostThe new product

DM300  (Wire drawing die hole measuring instrument)
Diameter Ovality Compression Angle as well as a measurement
DM300Based on the latest optical imaging technology,Inner hole was achieved by optical scanning method3DReconstruction,One time mold inner hole diameter measurement、Ovality、The sizing zone length、Parameters such as compression Angle,Cable is modernization、Mould manufacturing enterprises improve productivity、To ensure that the necessary in the quality of products。
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D360  (Filament diameter、The ovality gauge)

0.00001mmThe accuracy of the valid values

D360The breakthrough without motor、Diffraction optical technology,After a sophisticated mathematical calculation,With clever clamping device,To guarantee every measurement in spinning process is precise,Wire real data。

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O2 (Fine wire diameter measuring instrument)

Up to easily0.01mmSuperfine wire diameter measurement

O2The breakthrough without motor、Diffraction optical measurement scheme,Cooperate with complex mathematical calculation,Nanoscale measurement results are obtained,Can be at ease use for a long time
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